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Our Mission

We're democratizing cohort-based courses. Many experts and creators don't have the resources to create high quality cohort-based courses.

By building a platform that creates more engaging & interactive courses, the best instructors around the world will be able to share their knowledge with a broader audience.


Teachers don't get paid nearly enough. However, we've seen instructors build audiences and sell courses online. With scale, they're able to earn a better living.

We want to provide them with leverage to do the same with higher quality, cohort-based courses.


The education system is broken. The price of college is rising while the value is decreasing.

We're providing an alternative — a platform for people to learn more effectively by growing together with their communities.


Cohort-based courses have seen major completion rates, as high as 96%. Why?

The strength of community-based courses keeps students accountable. They learn together & teach each other.

You shouldn't have to learn alone, and with Didactic, you won't.

We're backed by incredible people